Loan for foreigners – check where to take a loan!

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Foreigners who decided to move to our country have no problems finding a paid occupation. Our labor market is open to employees from abroad, especially now when the low unemployment rate has dropped even more and entrepreneurs signal significant difficulties in finding hands for work.

Loan for foreigner – what conditions should be met?

Loan for foreigner - what conditions should be met?

The terms of the loan for foreigner are often very similar or the same as for loans used by people.

Depending on the institution granting debts, they may slightly differ, but the most important ones appear in the requirements of each bank.

Loan for foreigner what conditions?

Loan for foreigner what conditions?

Income is one of the most important conditions. They should, above all, be permanent, regular and documented. Their amount is also important, because it affects the creditworthiness and it depends on it, how high credit can be applied for.

The terms of loans concluded with non-bank institutions look slightly different. Parabanks often do not require a flawless credit history and accept unpaid debts. The customer is not checked in debt registers, and to receive the loan, all you need is a statement of earnings, having your own bank account and current phone number.

If you want to increase your credit standing, you can enter into a loan agreement with another person or pay off your current liabilities.

Loan for foreigner – documents required

Loan for foreigner - documents required

The list of required documents for foreigners who are citizens does not differ significantly from those required when a people applies for a loan. Most often these are income documents and those confirming the identity and legality of stay.

Loan for foreigner what documents:

  • valid residence card;
  • identification;
  • certificate from the current workplace about the amount of income;
  • account statement that is affected by the salary.

If you apply for a loan from a parabank you will need: an ID document, own bank account and a valid phone number. In some cases, you will also need to provide an email address because the loan agreement will be sent to your email account.

How can a foreigner apply for a loan in the country?

How can a foreigner apply for a loan in the country?

Loans for foreigner in the country operate on the same principles as loans offered to people. In most cases, a customer can take out a loan online without moving from virtually home . In this case, it will be sufficient to complete the form on the bank’s website and attach the necessary documents.

There is also another option – the client can go to a selected bank in person, where he can talk to a consultant and dispel all his doubts.

Parabanks operate on similar principles, which offer so-called payday loans for foreigners. With the exception that most of them only grant online loans and thus do not have stationary service points.

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