Know Best Payroll Loan Rates

Generally, a borrower has a budget deficit and needs the amount contracted to supplement the income in pursuit of a specific purpose – such as paying off debts, exchanging more expensive debts for cheaper ones, having a longer repayment period, among others. .

What influences the rate of loans?

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And that, in turn, means that these people are probably very dirty-named, that is, they had their CPFs placed on credit protection lists, such as SPC or Serasa. These documents are nothing more than an attestation that, in the eyes of creditors, the holder of this social security number is a bad payer – which is not at all interesting for financial institutions, right?

Thus, to ensure that they will not be hurt by lending you money, they increase the amount of interest as compensation.

How to guarantee the best rates?

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But not everything is lost! There is one way to get a lower rate: the payroll loan. To be granted, this mode only looks at whether the contractor has a stable source of income, such as a fixed salary or INSS benefit – this is because loan installments are directly discounted from the amount to be received.

That is, the payroll does not care about dirty name, SPC, Serasa and, moreover, the lender has more assurances that he will receive the loaned amount with peace of mind. This way you can guarantee the best rates in the market.

Payroll Loan, for example, works with a maximum of 2.07% per month for payroll loans, while a personal loan ranges from 4.87% per month to 22.23% per month. The difference is too big, isn’t it?

What is the margin?

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There is no point in having the best rates if the total loan amount is not significant, right? Well, as you saw, payroll is one of the best options in terms of interest rates. Therefore, we will talk a little more about him and his consignable margin.

This margin is the% of your monthly income that can be committed to a loan. In Payroll-deductible PB, this margin is 30%. Let’s take an example: If you earn $ 5,000 a month, monthly installments can be up to 30% of that – up to $ 1,500. It is noteworthy, however, that this margin need not be consumed at one go. If you hire a payroll today that only consumes 20% of your margin (using the example above, with a $ 1,000 installment), you will still have 10% available to be used for a new contract.

See how it is possible to get a loan and still guarantee the best rates in the market? If interested, enjoy and make a simulation! The payroll PB Payroll is an excellent option.

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