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Borrow cheaper on a children’s day with a Online Payday Loan!

Children’s day is almost here! If you do not miss an idea for a gift, but you do not have enough to finance it, we have a solution for your situation! It is with these cases in mind that we have prepared a special promotion – the first loan for USD 0 and a mega discount for the next!

Children’s day is not only a time of joy, but also spending – especially for parents. And although it is usual to say that two children are a double joy, it is equally true that it is also a double expenditure. Especially if we are talking about such an opportunity as it takes place on June 1. Then each of our children hopes for a gift that will cause a lot of joy.

First Online Payday Loan for USD 0 – give your child a gift!

First Online Payday Loan for USD 0 - give your child a gift!

A free loan will help finance a gift for a child’s day if we don’t have room in our home budget for such expenses. For free, we can take the first loan up to USD 3,000 for a period of 30 days. This does not mean, however, that we must apply immediately for the maximum amount.

We might as well decide to borrow 1000 dollars, for example, which will allow us to buy unique gifts for two children. If we are also struggling with a lack of ideas on what to buy a child on the day of his holiday, then in this article you can find some interesting ideas.

Mega discounts on children’s day loans


Our regular customers can also count on our side for financial support – as in any situation. On the occasion of the upcoming children’s day we have prepared a unique promotion – we cut the cost of the loan by up to 30% ! The maximum loan amount is USD 7,000, which will definitely allow us to fulfill every, even bigger dream of our child.

In this way, you can borrow cheaper and not worry about the lack of funds to give your child a present. It is also worth noting that children’s day is a good opportunity when we can also make a gift to ourselves. After all, a child is in each of us, and this is a great time to wake them up. Do not wait until the promotion escapes you! Borrow more for less today.

Know Best Payroll Loan Rates

Generally, a borrower has a budget deficit and needs the amount contracted to supplement the income in pursuit of a specific purpose – such as paying off debts, exchanging more expensive debts for cheaper ones, having a longer repayment period, among others. .

What influences the rate of loans?

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And that, in turn, means that these people are probably very dirty-named, that is, they had their CPFs placed on credit protection lists, such as SPC or Serasa. These documents are nothing more than an attestation that, in the eyes of creditors, the holder of this social security number is a bad payer – which is not at all interesting for financial institutions, right?

Thus, to ensure that they will not be hurt by lending you money, they increase the amount of interest as compensation.

How to guarantee the best rates?

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But not everything is lost! There is one way to get a lower rate: the payroll loan. To be granted, this mode only looks at whether the contractor has a stable source of income, such as a fixed salary or INSS benefit – this is because loan installments are directly discounted from the amount to be received.

That is, the payroll does not care about dirty name, SPC, Serasa and, moreover, the lender has more assurances that he will receive the loaned amount with peace of mind. This way you can guarantee the best rates in the market.

Payroll Loan, for example, works with a maximum of 2.07% per month for payroll loans, while a personal loan ranges from 4.87% per month to 22.23% per month. The difference is too big, isn’t it?

What is the margin?

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There is no point in having the best rates if the total loan amount is not significant, right? Well, as you saw, payroll is one of the best options in terms of interest rates. Therefore, we will talk a little more about him and his consignable margin.

This margin is the% of your monthly income that can be committed to a loan. In Payroll-deductible PB, this margin is 30%. Let’s take an example: If you earn $ 5,000 a month, monthly installments can be up to 30% of that – up to $ 1,500. It is noteworthy, however, that this margin need not be consumed at one go. If you hire a payroll today that only consumes 20% of your margin (using the example above, with a $ 1,000 installment), you will still have 10% available to be used for a new contract.

See how it is possible to get a loan and still guarantee the best rates in the market? If interested, enjoy and make a simulation! The payroll PB Payroll is an excellent option.

Is Loan Insurance Mandatory or Optional? Here’s the answers

Is loan insurance mandatory? In which cases is it optional? Loan insurance is a measure that allows the debtor to benefit from a protection against circumstances that could jeopardize the repayment. Let’s clarify when it is needed.

How loan insurance works and when it intervenes

How loan insurance works and when it intervenes

The problem in the eyes of many consumers is to understand if and when loan insurance is mandatory and in what circumstances it is actually beneficial.

The most frequently used form of insurance protection is the CPI, or Credit Protection Insurance. This is stipulated and paid at the same time as the loan, so it is a factor that makes up the monthly installment.

In certain circumstances, however, the insurance company may demand full payment of the policy in advance.

How does the ICC work? It is a policy that intervenes in the reimbursement against a series of circumstances, that is, if the debtor falls into one of the following situations:

  • if the debtor loses his job;
  • in the event of a permanent permanent disability situation;
  • if there is a temporary disability situation at work;
  • for a situation of serious economic difficulty;

The insurance intervention is triggered only if the circumstance is fully documented.

Compulsory or optional loan insurance? Here are the differences

Compulsory or optional loan insurance? Here are the differences

But let’s get to the central element of our article: is loan insurance mandatory? Loan insurance is usually mandatory only if the loan is a transfer of the fifth.

In the other loans, insurance is optional, although credit institutions may request the underwriting of the policy for the loan to be granted. This depends on the applicant’s profile and the bank’s policies.

If the figures involved in the loan are substantial, an insurance policy can be a valuable and in the long term convenient resource.

It is fundamental to evaluate one’s income and assets and therefore to consider the repayment capacities. If the risk of a non-refund is considered probable, it is advisable to activate the insurance.

Insurance cost calculation

If you want to activate optional insurance, it is useful to consider costs in advance. As regards the CPI, it may be convenient to compare the various APRs, provided, of course, that they also report the impact of the policy.

Termination of the loan agreement – When are you in danger?

The only requirement to start such a process is usually a prior written request for payment of arrears. The terms of termination are set out in the loan agreement, regulations applied by the bank.

Loan agreement may be terminated by either party

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However, it is rare for the borrower to terminate. Usually, the bank decides to terminate the loan agreement. However, it can only do so under strict conditions. In the event of problems with debt repayment, the bank may reduce the amount of the loan granted or terminate the loan agreement. However, they must comply with the Banking Law, according to which the bank is entitled to terminate the loan agreement if it finds that the loan granting conditions have not been met or if the loan repayment is threatened due to the poor financial status of the borrower.

In practice, this means that the contract is terminated at the time of arrears (usually two installments). Take care of your finances! Rely on the help of professionals.

After terminating the contract

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The debtor is obliged to repay the entire debt before the end of the notice period. The existing installments and repayment dates cease to apply. If in the above the debtor does not repay the entire outstanding amount of the loan, it becomes due and interest is charged on delay. These guidelines also apply to new consumer loans, credit or loan agreements concluded from December 18, 2011 in the amount not exceeding USD 255,550 or the equivalent of this amount in a currency other than the Polish currency, which is provided to the consumer by loan companies.

Credit history is the best recommendation

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Credit history is information relating to loans, borrowings, revolving limits, credit cards and other credit products. It contains data on liabilities both repaid and newly incurred. Everyone who plans to take out a loan for a house, car or other needs in the future should take care of their positive credit history. Otherwise, you have to reckon with higher interest rates and the need to establish additional collateral. Customers who have no credit history at all are “unknown” to financial institutions. Banks not knowing what to expect from such clients are afraid to take risks.

About Personal Loan For Reliable Negative

Brazil is still slipping after emerging from a serious economic crisis, where millions of people lost their jobs and bad debt rose even higher. So we know that there are many negative people who still need help and a push. There is a need for a personal loan for reliable negative.

Unfortunately there are many people who want to scam and take advantage of computer users who are not so easy to move machines or surf the internet, not being digital natives.

That’s why we take great care in selecting our partners. And we can say without a doubt that we rely 100% on them to provide solutions to your financial problem and help you gain momentum at such a difficult time.

What to trust when applying for a loan?

What to trust when applying for a loan?

There are many signs and items that you can look into to build your opinion on which company is serious and which one doesn’t look so reliable.

The first is to comply with the rules of financial institutions and the bank . You may notice this in the footer of websites in most cases. A trip to the bank website also helps.

Second, assessments made on the internet. There are a lot of websites that make credit company reviews and Complain Here is an amazing tool for notifying companies that know how to deal with customers and their complaints.

You don’t even have to look for a company that has no complaints and unhappy consumers, because that’s almost impossible. But note if the company answers, tries to look for solutions, and the “would do business again” index, which is an excellent sign.

A big red light is the request for cash upfront before the process as collateral. This is illegal and if requested you already know that you cannot move on because of the high risk of scam.

And finally, the name and credibility of the brand. Companies that have been in business for decades come out ahead in this respect, because if they were just a facade they wouldn’t last that long. Of course you can’t discredit the new companies that come up with great ideas, but they need to prove that they deserve your trust even more.

Loan application

Loan application

The time to apply for a loan can be nervous and anxious, but there is no point in skipping steps. Count on our help to find the best fit between your needs and what businesses can offer.

We have only teamed up with trusted, competent companies that know how to use the internet, the popularization of smartphones and access to incredible tools to deliver better financial products.

If you previously had to gather a bunch of documents, go to an agency, talk to someone to start the process and wait for it to be approved, now you can do it in just a few minutes on your mobile screen.

Some of the companies we have relationships with promise promise approval in minutes and cash in hours. This is essential in a time of need and stress.

And because it’s so much faster, faster and more transparent, cutting out human effort, unnecessary travel and bureaucracy, you can do business with lower interest rates and a lower probability of future default.

Whether paying off high-interest debts that are going to expire soon, pursuing a course that improves your curriculum, or dealing with an emergency, money has to be released quickly. We have that in mind and the partner companies as well.

Whether to approve or even fail, we know that the process has to be transparent and agile, so at worst look for other alternatives and find a solution. You can’t push the customer with the belly.

We believe in technology at the service of human beings and we know how it has improved the relationship between companies and customers in this sector. So count on us for a reliable negative loan.

Loans for retirees 2019

First we selected the best personal loans, that is, a series of products that we believe to be very convenient. You must know that the pensioner, for a bank, is an excellent customer from a credit point of view as his income is paid by social security. This is why many banks offer particularly advantageous conditions for retirees. Here are the best loans selected for you :

Best Bank : the most important Italian credit institution offers up to 75 thousand USD repayable with a maximum of 120 monthly installments. The installments can have an amount ranging from a minimum of 80 USD to a maximum of one fifth of the pension. As required by current legislation, the loan for Best Bank pensioners is protected by insurance coverage and can only be disbursed to those seniors who are under 85 years of age before the loan expires. Request it online now: click here!

Cream Bank Pension Loan : this loan proposed by Unicredit is nothing more than a transfer of the fifth of the pension with which you can get up to a maximum of 69 thousand USD repayable in 120 monthly installments. Also in this case the loan is not finalized, therefore there is no need to justify or motivate the loan request. Request it online now: click here!

Lite Lender Pensioners Loan : that of Lite Lender is the only loan, among those analyzed by us, to offer a maximum disbursable capital of 90 thousand USD. The bank has signed an agreement with the social security institution and, precisely for this reason, interest rates are particularly advantageous (often it is possible to stay below 8%). Request it online now: click here!

Loans with assignment of the fifth of the pension

Loans with assignment of the fifth of the pension

Many write to us to understand how it is possible to access credit by obtaining a loan or a transfer of the fifth of the pension despite having a protest or a report in credit checker. As far as pensioners are concerned, there are no major problems because they can request the transfer of the fifth of the pension.

The transfer of the fifth of the pension is very interesting because, in fact, it allows to obtain a very convenient financing and in very fast times. In fact, the bank has nothing to fear because the social security will pay the installments directly.

In essence, the transfer of the fifth of the pension works like a transfer of the fifth of the salary allowing the pensioner protested or reported as a bad payer to be able to access credit as well. In short, they are a sort of loan for protested pensioners . It should be noted that this tool offers, among other things, the possibility of obtaining loans at very convenient interest rates if compared to normal personal loans.

How to get one?

How to get one?

The advice is to get some quotes from the main financial companies with a search at the local level but also online. In fact, on the net, you can find innumerable search engines specifically designed to classify the loans offered by banks and financial companies. At this point you can make an attempt at your bank (the one where you have the bank account) by presenting the estimates obtained and hoping to obtain slightly more advantageous conditions.

Another solution could be to contact a financial advisor who, behind the payment of a small commission, would take care of all the practices relating to the management, creation and presentation of one’s own file. In the latter case, a preferential channel could be exploited, as the consultant would know with which credit institutions to present our loan application and which, instead, to discard a priori avoiding useless and annoying waste of time and money.

Government agency / social security loans for pensioners

Government agency / social security loans for pensioners

Pensioners who need a loan at preferential conditions can apply to social security for an “Government agency” loan. This provides for a rapid disbursement and a very interesting interest rate, which the social security institution has currently set at 4.50% inclusive of management costs. In essence, this is an interest rate of at least 2 percentage points lower than the current market average. It should be remembered that Government agency loans are reserved exclusively for pensioners and employees of the public administration.

Invalidity pensions and minimum pensions

Invalidity pensions and minimum pensions

When it comes to financing, unfortunately, minimum and invalidity pensions are not well viewed by banks and financial institutions. In this regard, it is very useful to make use of a guarantor, otherwise it will be very difficult to obtain financing on decent terms and quickly. We must not forget, in fact, that the income installment ratio, even for pensioners, must not exceed 20%. That is, with an income of 1000 USD per month you cannot apply for a personal loan that provides for an installment greater than 200 USD per month.

Free Market Loan: what is it and how to do it?

The latest news is the Good Option, launched in January 2018. The tool is part of the Paid Market financial platform and offers financing to merchants that sell in the marketplace and perform well in sales. The loan adapts to each tenant’s financial possibilities, and the interest rate is lower than the market average.

Want to know more about the Good Option? So read this post all the way and find out how the program works and what benefits it can bring to your business!


What is the Good Option?

money loan

The objective of the Good Option is to encourage entrepreneurship and to support the development of tenants, covering underserved demands by banks. In short, the idea is to facilitate Free Market partner access to finance.

The service is valid for individuals and micro, small and medium enterprises. The value of the loans ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 350,000 reais – the average is $ 40,000. With regard to interest, the rate is 3.5% per month – lower than that charged by major banks in the country – and the default rate is about 2%.

The process of contracting the service is very simple and completely online: proposals are made directly on the platform, under the “Loan” section. The user is alerted of the offer by notification. In a few clicks, the seller chooses how much they want to borrow and what the repayment term will be.

An interesting detail is that the financing fits the economic possibilities of each shopkeeper. Risk analysis is defined by a platform management tool that combines more than 400 variables. That is, the company lends a value that effectively matches its financial capacity.

As soon as the merchant accepts the financing, the amount is immediately deposited in his Paid Market account – a type of Free Market bank account that provides a prepaid card. If you choose to receive the amount in the official bank account, the money takes a business day to be credited.

The installments, which can be up to 12 times, are automatically debited from the money available in the merchant’s account, which is notified via email. If there is not enough balance, the discount will be made as long as money is available until the full amount has been settled.

Good Option receptivity has been high. More than 20,000 Brazilian sellers have received funding, and 7 out of 10 people apply for a new loan after repaying the previous one. With the intention of further expanding the scope of the service, the company intends to extend credit to marketplace buyers in the coming months.


What are the requirements to get the loan?

What are the requirements to get the loan?

To receive the financing proposal, the retailer must sell on the Free Market and meet the requirements for at least six months. Check below what they are:

  • Sell ​​more than $ 1,500.00 per month . The company’s cash flow is what guarantees payment. Therefore it is necessary to keep this movement constant;
  • Have a green reputation , which is the platform’s top certification. To achieve this, some of the factors considered are: maintaining a good sales volume, having a complaint rate of less than 5% of total orders and being on time to deliver goods;
  • Maintain a good credit history . This proves that the shopkeeper fulfills commitments and is reliable.


How to apply financing money?

How to apply financing money?

Each shopkeeper can use the financing in their own way, applying what they consider most important to the company. The priority might be, for example, paying suppliers, expanding inventory, buying new equipment, investing in marketing, or improving cash flow.

However, it is necessary to carefully plan how the funding will be invested. Just like with any other type of credit, money should be used wisely and applied on what really is priority. So, evaluate what your real company needs are and what needs to be done to optimize sales.


The Good Option is a good option for those who want to invest in their own business.

The Good Option is a good option for those who want to invest in their own business.

Marketplaces have been an excellent alternative for those who want to increase sales. With this in mind, retailers should be aware of the trends that stand out in these spaces.

The Free Market has been betting on new strategies to broaden the scope of the brand, and the Good Option is one of them. The feature provides financings to tenants with good sales performance. The offers are for individuals and micro, small and medium enterprises, and the interest rates are lower than the market average.

The loan process is fast and fully online. The marketplace itself offers retailers who meet the required requirements, such as having a good cash flow and green reputation. The money is automatically deposited in the Paid Market account.

The investment must obviously be made with planning and applied prudently. With this in mind, countless opportunities open to shopkeepers. The Good Option is a good alternative for those who want to take a new step to consolidate their business and leverage sales.

Possible reasons why is a loan declined?

Why is a personal loan declined? Today banks and financial institutions only grant loans under certain conditions. Forget the past times where getting a sum of money was within everyone’s reach. Today only by having a paycheck, or a pension or a solid balance sheet, you can access credit. It is no coincidence that the most used tool is that of the transfer of a fifth of the salary.

Strategies to prevent this from happening

Strategies to prevent this from happening

In this guide we will find out why it happens that your funding is refused and what are the strategies to prevent this from happening.

It can happen that when applying for a personal loan this is refused, most of the time the applicant is perplexed and cannot understand what led the banking or financial institution to refuse the file. This is because communication with the bank is not always simple, especially when issues related to the disbursements of loans that can be influenced by complex factors are faced.

Let’s try to understand, therefore, why a loan can be refused by the credit institution and what a customer can do to avoid it so as to save time and money, managing to obtain liquidity quickly.

For what reasons is a loan refused?

For what reasons is a loan refused?

Its non-disbursement is usually linked to various aspects, including the insufficiency of the repayment capacity of the person who requests the loan. As a general rule, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient income to guarantee payment of the repayment installment. By agreement, banks and financial institutions do not grant loans whose installments exceed 30% of their monthly income.

This means that if you earn 1000 USD per month, the loan installment cannot exceed approximately 330 USD. Obviously, the assignments of the fifth are privileged, in particular to pensioners and civil servants. In these cases it can even reach 40% of the income installment ratio.

The loan is refused if the person requesting it already has other open financing contracts that commit more than a third of the income, this to avoid possible situations of excessive indebtedness, it is a sort of act of responsibility of the bank to avoid putting the customer in an unsustainable situation.

Another reason for refusing the loan

Another reason for refusing the loan

The failure to pay installments of past loans or protests that have led to a negative reporting by banks in the CIFR register.

The entities that provide the loan can consult the private databases at any time, in this case, before a person is entered, he must be informed and have given written authorization for his insertion.

It should be borne in mind that in most cases the authorization to query the databases is included in the loan request contract and that therefore the applicant automatically approves his / her inclusion.

If the loan is denied, the bank or the entity that refused it is obliged to inform the customer of the reasons that led to the denial, also highlighting the negative information found in the bad payer’s databases.

How does the Loan of Honor work? Who to ask for it? Guide 2018

How does the loan of honor work? What are the characteristics of this financing and to whom is it addressed? It is a personal loan characterized by particularly competitive repayment conditions and access to credit. Let’s see all the details.

Grants and soft loans: here are the opportunities

Grants and soft loans: here are the opportunities

The loan of honor is a credit line that refers to the legislative decree 185/2000. Thanks to this measure, grants are offered and loans at advantageous rates, intended for those who intend to start an activity intended as a company or self-employment.

The loan of honor can also be addressed to praiseworthy students. In this case the loan is granted by the affiliated credit institutions and allows to cover the costs to be faced to finish the studies.

The characteristics of the loan change according to the credit institution under consideration. In any case, reimbursement generally occurs after the end of the course of study, and the sums granted usually correspond to a few thousand USD per year.

Amounts and beneficiaries

Amounts and beneficiaries

How the loan of honor works: contributions and financing. Depending on the beneficiary, the characteristics of the loan change. In the case of micro – enterprises, investments may reach a limit amount of 129,114 USD.

A non-repayable grant corresponding to approximately 50% is provided for the investments, while the other half can be managed thanks to a loan at a subsidized rate. The grants and the subsidized loan are also available for franchising.

In the event of self-employed workers, the maximum total investment may be $ 25,823. The loan on favorable terms relating to investments is subject to a limit of 15,494 USD. With regard to the non-refundable contribution, during the first year, a threshold of 5,164.57 USD is set.

How to send the application

How the loan of honor works: what are the application procedures? The loan of honor is an opportunity curated by Astro Finance. Requests must be sent via the web and must clarify the use of the credit object of the application.

Honor loans can also be provided by other institutions, such as Regions and Municipalities. The relative calls will clarify the methods of participation.

The situation is different for students. These student loans are the result of agreements between the banks and universities. It is therefore sufficient to request information from the offices of the educational institution to find out the funding possibilities.